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Cover Image: Jockey, Rehoboth, 2013. © Kristin Capp

Issue 1: A story happened here…

AUGUST, 2019


The Heat by Coletta Kandemiri
Subterwhere by Ange Mucyo
Losing Out by Mutaleni Nadimi
Dankie Botswana (or, Semper Fi) by Rémy Ngamije
The Night-Time Oboist by Tuulikki Tammi

The Trip North by Kavena Hambira
The Rat’s Dilemma by Emily Schlink
In Conversation: 
Death, Detention, and Disappearance by David Smuts


Ex Avibus by Brook Johnson


Latitudes by Kristin Capp
Mtanda And Sorese by Romeo Sinkala
Crosses & Walvis Bay by Shawn Van Eeden


A Story Happened Here by Rémy Ngamije

Cover image: Kristin Capp

Issue 2: Stories find stories…



House Girl by Bongani Kona
Body In Six Parts by Makena Onjerika
Sharia Baudelaire by Alexandra Parrs
City Heights by Mohammed Shehu
Woman On A Train by Don Stevenson


Activism Beyond Wokeness by Jamil Khan
A Mourning Song by Zanta Nkumane
Realisations by Emily Schlink


A Slave To Alcohol, Disastrous Word & Bearer Of Rumours by Verushcka Garises
Cape Town Tourist by Michael Kelleher
Drag by Esperance Luvindao
Embalming The Past, Let Us & Homo Sapiensaria by Pedro Vorster


Night Watch by Hallie Haller
My Work Is Not Done by Rofhiwa Maneta
Dry Dock by Shawn Van Eeden


Stories Find Stories by Rémy Ngamije

Cover image: Shawn Van Eeden

Issue 3: Stories from a small place…

JULY, 2020


Our Mouths Hold Fire And Water by Jo-Ann Bekker
Body Riddled With Bullets by Jessemuse Cacinda
Where To Put The Things That Hurt by Jason De Klerk
Golden by Coletta Kandemiri
It Will Be Beautiful Again by Mubanga Kalimamukwento
This Little Light Of Mine by Troy Onyango
The Regent by Mohammed Shehu
Only Way To The Future Is Forward by Olivia Walton


Shadow Man by Nicole Ludolph
Short Story Long, 01: Submission by Rémy Ngamije
Literatea 01: The Facts Are Cold When The Tea Is Hot by Zukiswa Wanner


Queens In Your Bloodline by Ros Limbo
A Heresia De Eva by Yara Monteiro
Dust Devil & Windhoek Wintering by Don Stevenson
Essentially There Is Nothing Wrong by Pedro Vorster
Fate Of The Departed by Dina Asabea Williams


UBhuku LukaMenzi by Mandisa Buthelezi
Lothar Von Throtha’s Ghosts by James Jamu
Vendor Of Dreams by Johan Johnston
Threshold by Nina Van Schalkwyk
Gentle Alpha & Unseen by Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa


Stories From A Small Place by Rémy Ngamije

Cover image: Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa

Issue 4: Worlds beyond this one…

November, 2020

December by Filemon Iiyambo
The Letter by Dalene Kooper
Esmerelda by Natasha Omokhodion-Banda
Itch by Jarred Thompson

Fiction illustrations by Inger Junge from Fragments

The Roasted Plantain Seller Of East Legon by Bisi Adjapon
Auralgraph, Cape Town: Sights And Sounds by Vasti Calitz & Andri Burnett
Literatea 02 – Part 1: The Journey Is The Joy by Maaza Mengiste
Auralgraph, Kinshasa: No State Of Emergency by Merdi Mukore
Auralgraph, Nairobi: Karibu by Ndegwa Nguru
Short Story Long 02: Nonfiction by Zanta Nkumane
Auralgraph, Cairo: Bridge And Birdsong by Youssef Rakha

Identité by Ayi Dossavi Renaud
No Fun by Tanveer Jeewa • Film by Ondjaki
What I Am by Undjizuva Kaputjaza
Walk On by Tinotenda Mashumba
A Goddess by Jayson Museta
Green And Greening by Pauline Buhle Ndhlovu
Her Yearning Soul by Beata Nuuyoma
La Fille by Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse

Poetry illustrations by Katherine Hunter from Becoming Home

Chrysalis by Namafu Amutse
Old Location by Dieter Hinrichs • Curated by Basler Afrika Bibliographien Archives
Absent Normal, Normally Absent by Natache Sylvia Iilonga
That Is How We Are Feeling by Indira Mateta
Como Os Frutos & Oriki Para Omolu by Daisy Serena
Reino Angolar & Project Mir Afrika by Kwame Sousa

Worlds Beyond This One by Rémy Ngamije

Cover image: Namafu Amutse

Issue 5: Start/Continue

March, 2021


Silhouette by Ndawedwa Denga Hanghuwo
Yellow Woman by Foday Mannah
The Will Of Masks by Ange Mucyo


Is There A Doctorate In The House? by Frowin Becker
A Sombre School Story by Sindi-Leigh McBride
Literatea 02, Part 2: The Fury Is The Hope by Maaza Mengiste
Auralgraph, Windhoek: Spice In The Wind by Ndakolute Ndilula


From The Fury Of A Dying Sun by Alacia Armstrong
Yoga Practice by Hugh Ellis • Film by Ondjaki
Musical Love Affair by Lamelle Shaw


Collateral Beauty by Jeni Andriamiseza
History Like Water by Ruth Dammann • Curated by Basler Afrika Bibliographien Archives
Carving Out A Home by Summer Du Plessis
Lines & Reach by Immanuel Natangwe Hafeni
Light From Dark Places by Shawn Van Eeden


Start/Continue by Rémy Ngamije

Cover image: Jeni Andriamiseza