Unrest In The Nebula (3) I seal my sharks in bubble wrap envelopes.

saturday 19

i.dream of one orca and a doormat and i am bored. i seal my sharks in bubble wrap envelopes. when i take them out the orca holds my ankle and explodes. seems i left the front door open and the gate. strange feeling nauseous morbid that i am being observed

i.go down a hotel lobby to tell them. they send a container to save us not a boat. they say we are ungrateful. they disapprove. it is shabby the hotel blue in the shape of a pyramid like the sept cascades building in port louis but faded with black lines of mould

i.wont go in. i end up in the back busy roads of a dusty city. i walk around unfamiliar settings. sweaty evening people sing and mourn. i am relieved i escape the container was cut in half and covered with fabric

i.do not poetise 1968 lisette talate with sea water and two thousand of her kins tend to displacement to governments to geo-politics the status of women committee does not cover the rights of birds they live

i.read the police threatened her with rape lose her children to keep her in perpetual unfreedom the law conceived on stolen land

Gitan Djeli is a UK-based Mauritian writer and researcher. She is currently an Art History Fellow under the Indian Ocean Exchanges Program, Harpur College, Binghamton University and the Getty Foundation. Her poems appear in Poetry, adda, Silver Pinion, and Parentheses Journal among others. Her work has been anthologised by Commonwealth Writers.

Cover Image: Teslariu Mihai on Unsplash.