The Hunger Of Absence If you could, you would fit his whole frame in your mouth.

The fetal position makes you feel feral
something carnivorous and angry.
Pacing inside the hollow between your heart and belly.
If you could you would fit his whole frame in your mouth
and swallow.

Make him fit
just right in your depravity.
He is a long hallway,
lined with versions of yourself
you can’t face
you don’t stop looking either.

He had untied
the very longing
you had tried to hush within.
Uncovered and raging
you make light work of all the men in his stead.
Liquid ligaments and marshmallow bone
down the gullet in the stead of mourning.

Kina Indongo was born and raised in Windhoek. She currently works as a freelance writer whose monthly section in the RDJ Briefing Online magazine focuses on the extraordinary achievements of women and youth in Africa.

Cover Image: Jakob Owens on Unsplash.