Fragments An exploration of illustrative styles from November 2020's fiction.

Commissioned for Doek!‘s fourth issue—World’s Beyond This One (November, 2020)—Inger Junge’s illustrations anchored the fiction section with brilliant and colourful illustrations. Collaborating with them across two continents was an interesting challenge filled with emails, briefs, sketches, and follow-ups. The undertaking yielded such rich and memorable results—Fragments, an ongoing exploration of their illustrative styles that brought the November issue’s fiction section to life.

December, 2020. © Inger Junge.


Itch, 2020. © Inger Junge.


The Letter, 2020. © Inger Junge.


Esmerelda, 2020. © Inger Junge.


Inger Ama Junge is a Berlin-based Namibian illustrator who studied visual art in both Germany and Malaysia. They draw comics and illustrations which explore identity and self-expression.