Submissions In case you didn't know... Win’Doek hierso!

Doek! seeks nuanced, exciting, challenging, disturbing, and transformative work from the following categories of eligible writers and poets:

  • Namibians, or those of Namibian descent, residing in Namibia;
  • Namibians, or those of Namibian descent, in the diaspora; and
  • Foreign nationals residing in Namibia who have a direct connection with Namibia (through the work they produce).

Submissions from other foreign nationals are strictly solicited.


  • Narrative-driven short fiction hotter than a city pavement, sizzling like kapana, and more filling than a porsie chips met spice en asyn (bread roll and butter sold separately).
  • Nonfiction with a point that haunts beyond the last full stop.
  • Poetry which takes the reader to the edge of their senses and beyond.

Submissions may not exceed 3000 words. There is no minimum word count.

Only one submission per person per submission window period. Eligible writers may not submit to more than one category.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted and should be retracted when accepted for publication elsewhere.

Only original work will be considered. Previously published work (in any medium) is not accepted.

The next submission window opens at 10h00 on 15 July 2020 and closes at 00h00 on 15 August 2020. An online submission form will be made available for eligible writers and poets.


Doek! is published online three times a year: March, July, and November.


Copyrights of published content are owned by individual contributors in their personal capacities.

The copyright owner, agrees to license their work(s) to Doek! to exclusively publish online and distribute the work(s) throughout the world for a period of three months from the date of publication. Thereafter, the copyright owner is free to publish the work(s) elsewhere provided they credit Doek! as the publisher-of-first-instance for works later published in anthologies, collections, or volumes.

In the event Doek! republishes the work(s) in a print publication offered for sale a copy of the said publication will be sent to each copyright holder. A separate royalty/one-off payment will be made to each respective copyright holder.


As a fledgling publication, Doek! does not currently pay its contributors. This position will be revisited should the magazine become able to remunerate its contributors.