Submissions In case you didn't know... Win’Doek hierso!

The magazine’s content is collaboratively produced by the Windhoek Writers Club (WWC). Prospective contributors must be active and participating members of the WWC.

Taking their cue from Namibia’s geography—a vast, arid, and tough environment—the magazine’s founders believe the only way to make it in Namibia is together. The restrictions placed on submission eligibility help to keep the editorial workload manageable but also foster collaborative production of creative work. Only the collective endeavour of the country’s storytellers can meaningfully contribute to the magazine’s vision of a diverse and active literary landscape in Namibia and Africa.

Where potential contributors do not meet the criterion above (due to distance or other circumstances) content can still be submitted by storytellers who meet the following requirements:

  1. Namibian contributors residing in other parts of Namibia;
  2. Namibian contributors in the diaspora;
  3. Foreign nationals residing in Namibia who have a direct connection with Namibia (through the work they produce);
  4. Foreign nationals not residing in Namibia who produce work which is relevant to the Namibian literary context.

Contributors who do not meet the above criteria are invited to submit to Etche!—the magazine’s official blog dedicated to writing, the literary life, and its associated interests.


For Doek! issues—published biannually by the WWC
  • Short fiction (of all genres)
  • Nonfiction (creative, literary criticism, opinions, essays, and biography)
  • Poetry
  • Visual art (photography, photo-journalism, graphic design, and illustration)

Visual art is solicited from individual artists upon request. Unsolicited visual submissions are not accepted.

Only original content will be published. Previously published work (in any medium) is not accepted.

Doek! does not publish novel or manuscript excerpts.


Doek! is currently published biannually. In time, the magazine’s founders hope to produce it as a quarterly publication.

Writers at the WWC take turns to present their written pieces. Members of the WWC then provide relevant oral or written feedback to writers regarding their pieces. Writers can choose to rework their pieces taking into account the WWC’s comments and present their pieces again. At this point, particularly strong pieces of writing may be selected by Doek!’s editorial committee (consisting of the contributing editors and the editor-in-chief) for an upcoming issue.

Submissions eligible for publication in Doek! are chosen by the editorial committee. Where necessary, selected pieces may undergo further editorial processes to ensure published work is of the highest quality. Where submissions are best suited for other continental or international publications, the editorial committee works with the concerned writer to get the piece submission-ready.

Being a member of the WWC does not guarantee publication.


Copyrights of published content are owned by individual contributors in their personal capacities.

Doek! reserves all electronic rights to published work.

It also reserves the right to be recognised as the publisher-of-first-instance for works later published in anthologies, collections, or volumes which collect a contributors’ work in any medium.


As a fledgling publication, Doek! does not pay its contributors. This position will be revisited should the magazine become able to remunerate its contributors.