Becoming Home A celebration of returning to Namibia and finding one's lost feet.

Commissioned for Doek!‘s fourth issue—World’s Beyond This One (November, 2020)—Katherine Hunter’s illustrations provided the poetry section with her creative interpretation of each poem’s essence. Her unique style brought colour and vigour to each poet’s writing style and helped to make the issue a celebration of lush visuals.

Green And Greening, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.


What I Am, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.


Identité, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.


Walk On, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.


La Fille, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.


A Goddess, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.


No Fun, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.


Her Yearning Soul, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.


Katherine Hunter is a Namibian illustrator, graphic designer, and dancer. She is interested in comic book illustration and fantasy fiction. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Visual Communication Design (Illustration) at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, her honours degree in illustration, and her master’s degree in art education from Stellenbosch University. Katherine works as a graphic designer and typesetter at HouseFinder Magazine. She has also recently launched her own Namibian art brand, Maan Atelier, which focuses on creating fantasy artwork and stories.