Latitudes Photographs from and of degrees known and unknown.

Started in 2011, this photography series is a work in progress that traverses many regions and spaces in Namibia and continues to unfold into 2019. Shot on black and white film with a medium-format Rolleiflex camera, the images are fragments connecting intuition and emotion.

Like metaphors, the images expose discoveries of an interior and personal narrative. Each image asks the photographer a question that reveals a different answer as time passes and meaning evolves.

—Why do these elephant legs devastate so deeply?

—What history is contained in the fabric of the dress?

—Why is this woman, standing on the train tracks, looking back to Karasburg?

With time, these photographs will connect and realise the form of a book.

Like pieces of a puzzle falling into place, they will finally connect.

My Skin, Khomasdal, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Heels, Katutura, 2012. © Kristin Capp.


Wrapped, Khomas Farm, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Taxi, Rehoboth, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Two Legs, Khomas Farm, 2013. © Kristin Capp.
Jackal, Dorbabis, 2012. © Kristin Capp.


Wedding, Rehoboth, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Work Table, Khomas Farm, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Lafeld, Khomasdal, 2012. © Kristin Capp.


Shipwreck, Atlantic, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Jockey, Rehoboth, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Tower, Outjo, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Masked, Rehoboth, 2014. © Kristin Capp.


Salt, Erongo, 2012. © Kristin Capp.


Swing, Gibeon, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Horns, Khomas Farm, 2013. © Kristin Capp.


Spirit, Aus, 2011. © Kristin Capp.


Tracks, Karasburg, 2012. © Kristin Capp.

Kristin Capp grew up in Seattle, lived in New York for 16 years, and moved permanently to Namibia in 2011. She has exhibited in Namibia, Brazil, the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. She has published three photography monographs and has work in numerous permanent collections. Kristin is a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, Fulbright Scholar, Sacatar Foundation Fellow, and the recipient of the Aaron Siskind Foundation Photography Award. Since 2012, she has lectured in photography at the College of the Arts in Windhoek where she heads the New Media Design Program.