Musical Love Affair I am having a hot steamy sensual love affair, the best kind: forbidden.

I am having a hot steamy sensual love affair
The best kind
Forbidden, soaked in guilty pleasures and secret lies
I am having an illicit affair with music
From the moment my eyes open, he whispers sweet nothings
Seducing me from within
Before the sun rises there is a tune in my head
That starts out as a soft hum slowly and methodically
Travels from my ears into my heart, into my soul
Taking my body for the ride
Simultaneously caressing my breasts
Biting my neck and leaving slow wet kisses between my thighs
I try to think of words because words was my first love
And a woman never forgets her first
It was words who carried me through my childhood fears and insecurities
Even though I met music around the same time and felt a connection
It was words who held me when I cried
I tried to separate the lyrics, pick apart my first love from my second
In fact it was words that led me to music
Like an innocent boyfriend, making an ill-fated introduction to his best friend
Naïve and childlike
And I
I took advantage of that innocence and seduced his best friend
But when he is probing me with his staccatos
Rocking me with his sexy serenade
Taking me on melodic journeys of ecstasy
Climaxing in atonal cadence
Sweet spiritual symphonies
And soul shaking orgasmic medleys
I lose myself entirely
I forget all about words
I am rendered speechless
I can only stare in awe
And sing along
Damn! Will words ever forgive me?
Should I tell him?
Can I live with the guilt?
I could suggest a threesome
Beats and poetry
And me.

Lamelle Shaw is a British-born Liberian writer based in South Africa. Her work has been featured in Tears of Fire by the US National Library of Poetry, Breathe Into Another Voice, an anthology of jazz poetry, and several publications including Oprah Magazine and Forbes Africa. She was a featured poet at Arts Alive International Festival and the Afrolit Sans Frontieres Literary Festival. Her first collection of poetry Ashes Of My Heart was recently released and is available on Amazon.

Cover Image: Mia Harvey on Unsplash.