Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards Celebrating Namibian literature.

The Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards are awarded every two years to celebrate the works of four Namibian literary artists—two writers (fiction and nonfiction), a poet, and a visual artist—published in Doek! Literary Magazine (Doek!). The awards seek to bring a wider Namibian and international audience to the selected works, writers, poets, and visual artists.

Bank Windhoek, the official sponsor of the Awards, has always been a prominent and active supporter of Namibian art and artists. These literary awards are an important milestone in the country’s young democracy and it could not have been reached without Bank Windhoek’s generous support and continued commitment to Namibians and Namibia.


Bank Windhoek is the official sponsor of the Doek Literary Awards.


Each winning literary artist is awarded NAD5000 in cash sponsored by Bank Windhoek.

The winners are also presented with a unique trophy commissioned from a Namibian artist.

All longlisted, shortlisted, and winning literary artists are provided with unique opportunities within their particular fields of creation. Such perquisites may include book prizes, further publication in select anthologies, offers of representation, appearances at literary festivals, participation in creative workshops, access to mentorship programs, exhibitions in local, national, and international galleries, and art residencies in Namibia and abroad.


2023 Winners2023 Shortlist2023 Longlist2023 Concept, Logo & Trophy: The Aloe2023 Judges 2023 Commissioned Artists 2023 Rules Of Entry


2021 Winners2021 Shortlist2021 Longlist 2021 Concept, Logo, & Trophy: The Windmill 2021 Judges 2021 Commissioned Artists

Cover Image: Windmill.
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