Oviruru I was forever falling.

I create visions as they come to me: from my imagination, from stories I’ve heard, from some biblical connections, and from West African films that influenced me when I was growing up.

I create from my deepest fears and widest curiosities, as far as my mind is willing to go.

There are repeating elements: flying birds—freedom; the moon—something with which I have a deep connection because it makes me feel protected at night; the fire—flames with a strong connection to my Otjiherero culture; the clouds—which come from an early childhood recurring dream where I was forever falling.

*Oviruru means ghosts or spirits in the Otjiherero language.

Channeling The Moons. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


Giant In The Sands. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


Head In The Clouds. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


In The Ocean. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


Skywalker. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


Soul On Fire. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


The Holy One. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


The Titan. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


The Vassal. © Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa.


Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa is a Windhoek-born multifaceted creative. He recently had his first solo exhibition for his abstract-architectural body of work titled Unseen which was published in Doek!, Issue 3: Stories from a small place…

He is the Head of Social Media and Marketing for Turipamwe, an award-winning design agency.