About Namibia's first online literary magazine.

doek | (dʊk) | (noun): a cloth or a headscarf.

‘Doek | (dʊk) | (noun): Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia.

Doek! | (dʊk) | (noun): A literary magazine from Namibia.

Doek! is a free, independent, and pan-African online literary magazine produced in Windhoek, Namibia. It publishes short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art from Namibia and the African diaspora.

Founded by Mutaleni Nadimi and Rémy Ngamije, Doek! is an important step—but not the only step—towards creating a diverse, curious, and robust literary culture in Namibia. By publishing diverse writers and visual artists, Doek! seeks to provide an encounter—a first and equal meeting—between the known and unknown, between local and international storytellers and a global audience.

As a literary journal, Doek! seeks to emulate cousin publications such as AFREADA, Bakwa Magazine, Brittle Paper, Chimurenga, Jalada, The Johannesburg Review of Books, Kalahari Review, Lolwe, and Saraba by contributing to Africa’s literary footprint.

Though the magazine’s vision is grand, its first steps in the literary world—its contributor focus and its efforts—are local. Doek! primarily publishes work from Namibia while it establishes Namibian writing and art in the country’s literary consciousness. However, as part of the continental literary community, Doek! solicits work from storytellers outside Namibia to showcase the breadth and depth and continental creativity.

Doek! is currently published in English. In time the magazine hopes to publish in Namibia’s diverse languages.


Editor-in-chief: Rémy Ngamije

The new editorial team for the next Doek issue will be announced soon.


The Doek! team can be reached in the following ways:

Email @doeklitmag @doeklitmag Doek!

Postal: P. O Box 86599 | Eros, Windhoek | NAMIBIA | 10009


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