From The Fury Of A Dying Sun She never yielded to this world.

I remember her fondly
Her memory clinging to me
The sweetness of a lover never to be possessed

Her heart
Battle-worn and weary
Whispered to me of beautiful winged creatures carrying dreams

She remains to me a wonder
An ancient fallen star draped in porcelain skin
From Mount Olympus,
Stolen from the heart of Zeus himself

She never yielded to this world willingly
To be tamed
Though they surely tried
Monsters moving in the dark
With cloth-covered faces over hollowed-out eyes

She was forged in the heavens
Born from the fury of a dying sun

A goddess
Never meant for this world.

Alacia Armstrong is a Cape Town-based Namibian poet who started writing on the shores of Henties Bay. She is a research project manager supporting drug discovery teams at the University of Cape Town.

Cover Image: Alvin Balemesa on Unsplash.