Destined To Go Everything is dying: Time. Language. Screams. Dreams.

You are destined to go;
Today, tomorrow,
or the day after.
No one can halt the heavy wheel of destruction
running over life’s body.
It’s all in vain
no last-minute savior will come
and rescue the world’s body.
It’s all in vain
no flash of light,
to scare away the darkness.
Everything is dying:
Time. Language.
Screams. Dreams.
Songs. Love. Music.
All in vain.
Everything is gone,
except a violent vacuum
dead bodies wrapped in melancholic silence
and a heavy downpour of destruction.

Abdel Wahab Yousif, better known as Latinos, was a South Sudanese poet. He died in 2020 when a rubber boat carrying African immigrants sank into the sea shortly after setting off from Libya on its way to Europe.


These poems were translated from Arabic into English by Adil Babikir, a Sudanese translator and copywriter based in the UAE. His published translations include Mansi: a Rare Man in his Own Way by Tayeb Salih (Banipal Books, 2020); Modern Sudanese Poetry: An Anthology (University of Nebraska Press, 2019); The Jungo: Stakes of the Earth, a novel by Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin (Africa World Press, USA, 2015); Literary Sudans: An Anthology of Literature from Sudan and South Sudan, (Red Sea Press, USA, 2016); Summer Maze, a collection of short stories by Leila Aboulela, translated to Arabic (Dar al-Musawarrat, Khartoum, 2017). Babikir is a contributing editor of Banipal Magazine. Some of his translations appeared in Banipal, The Guardian, Al-Doha magazine, and Jalada Africa. His forthcoming works include a collection of Sudanese short novels and a book on the legendary Bedouin poet al-Hardallo.

Cover Image: Yusuf Yassir on Unsplash.