If all I have is rain to fall on my face,
Walk on in life I shall,
Never to alter my pace,
As I await the never coming fall.

The mud on my feet, is it from my tears?
How can I tell if all I have is rain,
Though I have had many fears,
I never shall cry from the pain.

My eyes see two kinds of sunshine.
What the world sees as light,
Can not deceive again my sight.
The blinding flashes of cameras can never be mine.
So I walk in darkness, and summon my might.

If all I have is rain, to fall on my face
I will walk on through the season.
I hold on to hope and continue to chase,
My dreams, unwavered until I have fulfilled them.

My destiny lies in my palms
The tears will never wash away my destiny.
The winds bring me to my knees, but
I continue to weather the storm and never stay down.
I get up, dust myself, and restore my pride.
For now it remains cloudy and continues to pour.

Yet still I smile because I know
It can not rain forever,
So walk on I shall.

Tinotenda Mashumba is a young Zimbabwean writer studying at the University of Namibia (UNAM).

Cover Image: Walk On, 2020. © Katherine Hunter.

Katherine Hunter is a Namibian illustrator, graphic designer, and dancer. She is interested in comic book illustration and fantasy fiction. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Visual Communication Design (Illustration) at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, her honours degree in illustration, and her master’s degree in art education from Stellenbosch University. Katherine works as a graphic designer and typesetter at HouseFinder Magazine. She has also recently launched her own Namibian art brand, Maan Atelier, which focuses on creating fantasy artwork and stories.