2023 Longlist Namibian writers, poets, and visual artists longlisted for the 2023 Bank Windhoek Literary Awards.

From Issue 7: Soon/Come (published in November, 2021) to Issue 11: The Stillness (released in September, 2023) Namibian writers, poets, and visual artists have been adding their voices and stories to Namibia and Africa’s literary consciousness. Without exception, all of the storytellers who have been published in Doek! Literary Magazine have enriched the local literary landscape and had their work enjoyed abroad. Their words and visions range from the real and experienced to the fantastic and imagined, from the keenly observed to the abstractedly alluded to, and from the intimately local to the international—each publication is a reflection of the diversity of thought and the abundance of literary craft that is present in Namibia.

Arranged by section and alphabetical order, the following Namibian literary artists published in Doek! Literary Magazine are longlisted for the 2023 Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards:


Charmaine //Gamxamus:Misdirection” (Issue 9: September, 2022)
Emmerita Ambata:The Seasons Of Beatrice And Katherine” (Issue 10: May, 2023)
Roxane Bayer:Letters To Chloe” (Issue 7: November, 2021)
Kay-Leigh De Sousa: Jacob’s Technicolour Taxi” (Issue 10: May, 2022)
Karin Eloff:One Man’s Trash” (Issue 9: September, 2022)
Maria Iita:Where Do I Start?” (Issue 11: September, 2023)
Filemon Iiyambo:Their Mother’s Words” (Issue 10: May, 2023)
Delila Katanga:Vara” (Issue 7: November, 2021)
Andelaine Tsowases:Make It, Pay It” (Issue 8: May, 2022)


Frowin Becker:Deliver Me, Anvil” (Issue 9: September, 2022)
Nina Van Zyl:Motherhood” (Issue 8: May, 2022)


Kina Indongo:Windhoek” (Issue 7: November, 2021), “How Things Are And How They Happen“, and “Our Last Conversation” (Issue 10: May, 2023)
Veripuamu Nandee Kangumine:Daughters Of A Witch” and “There Isn’t A Word In Your Language For Being Touched” (Issue 7: November, 2021); “The Jackal Who Prepares You For Marriage” (Issue 10: May, 2023)
Ros Limbo:Beloved Step-Child” and “She Lay There” (Issue 10: May, 2023)
Frieda Mukufa:Edhina Ekugidho” and “Love, Reimagined” (Issue 10: May, 2023)
Vivian Tjijandjeua Ojo:The Dust Was Here First” and “Soil Dances Of Kaokoland, Badagry, and Amhara” (Issue 8: May, 2022)
Tjizembua Tjikuzu:Praise Song For Kangozu“, “Prince Of Rain“, “Ode To My Childhood Dog” (Issue 8: May, 2022)
Keith Vries:Jamal” and “Who Did You Leave Under The Sea” (Issue 10: May, 2023)


Nicola Brandt:When The Land Speaks” (Issue 8: May, 2022)
Katherine Hunter:How Frankenstein Created A Character” (Issue 11: September, 2023)
Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa:The Gift” (Issue 9: September, 2022)

Bank Windhoek, Doek’s patron and trustees, and all of Doek! Literary Magazine’s readers extend warm congratulations to all of the longlisted writers, poets, and visual artists.

Cover Image: Aloe.
© Madison Inouye.