Project Mir Afrika Oil on canvas, Afrika on world.

Oil-on-canvas, and Afrika on world – Kwame Sousa presents visions of a colourful black imagination.

Native Life, Upper Nile, 2020. © Kwame Sousa.


Spirit Batôndô, 2020. © Kwame Sousa.


In The Absense Of, 2020. © Kwame Sousa.


Mir Afrika 1, 2020. © Kwame Sousa.


Mir Afrika 2, 2020. © Kwame Sousa.


Weapons Of The Nile, 2020. © Kwame Sousa.


Native, 2020. © Kwame Sousa.



Kwame Sousa, one of the most influential contemporary visual artists in the international scene, was born in São Tomé and Príncipe (STP). He is a multidisciplinary artist who explores a wide range of media, techniques, and styles. His work has been exhibited at numerous exhibitions and galleries including: II Bienal de Arte in STP; Instituto Politécnico do Porto in Portugal; Bienal del SUR in Venezuela; the Droog Gallery in the Netherlands; the Venice Architecture Biennale; and the Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa in Portugal. Kwame Sousa is the founder of the first independent art school in STP and has his own foundation: Fundação Mionga Vantxi. He also started Ateliê M, the first school of visual arts in São Tomé and Príncipe.

Cover Image: Kwame Sousa.