Issue 5

Issue 5: Start/Continue

March, 2021


Silhouette by Ndawedwa Denga Hanghuwo
Yellow Woman by Foday Mannah
The Will Of Masks by Ange Mucyo


Is There A Doctorate In The House? by Frowin Becker
A Sombre School Story by Sindi-Leigh McBride
Literatea 02, Part 2: The Fury Is The Hope by Maaza Mengiste
Auralgraph, Windhoek: Spice In The Wind by Ndakolute Ndilula


From The Fury Of A Dying Sun by Alacia Armstrong
Yoga Practice by Hugh Ellis • Film by Ondjaki
Musical Love Affair by Lamelle Shaw


Collateral Beauty by Jeni Andriamiseza
History Like Water by Ruth Dammann • Curated by Basler Afrika Bibliographien Archives
Carving Out A Home by Summer Du Plessis
Lines & Reach by Immanuel Natangwe Hafeni
Light From Dark Places by Shawn Van Eeden


Start/Continue by Rémy Ngamije

Cover image: Jeni Andriamiseza