Issue 10

Issue 10: The Struggle

May, 2023


The Seasons Of Beatrice And Katherine by Emmerita Ambata
Jacob’s Technicolour Taxi by Kayleigh De Sousa
Their Mother’s Words by Filemon Iiyambo


Literatea 07: I Am My Safe Space by Leye Adenle
Sunny Days: Auralgraphs From Mbabane by Siye Dlamini
Early Morning, Almost Midnight: Auralgraph From Mussulo by Ondjaki


A New Song and Tonight I Am The Ocean by Charmaine //Gamxamus
How Things Are And How They Happen and Our Last Conversation by Kina Indongo
The Jackal Who Prepares You For Marriage and Your Body Is A Changing Season by Veripuami Nandee Kangumine
Beloved Step-Child and She Lay There by Ros Limbo
Edhina Ekugidho and Love, Reimagined by Frieda Mukufa
Jamal and Who Did You Leave Under The Sea by Keith Vries


To Fable The Ori by Daisy Serena and Sérgio Silva
Windhoek To Khartoum, 1960: Photographing People Whose History I Did Not Know by Dieter Hinrichs • Curated by Dag Henrichsen


The Struggle by Rémy Ngamije

Cover image: Daisy Serena & Sérgio Silva